Elk Country Jeep Rentals

Elk Country Jeep Rentals


Jeep Rentals Available
May 15 to Oct. 15

Looking for off-road adventure in the South Fork, CO area? At Elk Country Jeep Rentals, we offer the ultimate off-roading vehicle: the Jeep. Ride around Mesa Mountain, Beaver Creek Reservoir, Pintada Mountain, Rio Grande, Cathedral Rock and more in our high quality, four-door vehicles!

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To Book, please call us at 719-873-0275

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Dog Info

Unfortunately, our Jeeps are NOT pet-friendly. While we love our furry family members, some of our customers have pet allergies. We thank you for your understanding.
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Dog Info

Unfortunately, our Jeeps are NOT pet-friendly. While we love our furry family members, some of our customers have pet allergies. We thank you for your understanding.
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Elk Country Jeep Policies

Please, review our policies prior to making a reservation.

Arrive 15 minutes before reservation to complete paperwork

Deposit of $150.00 is required at the time of booking. 

Purchase tire insurance for $35/day vs. replacement tires at $250 each . Insurance covers (1) tire under normal driving conditions.

You must provide your own proof of comprehensive and collision insurance prior to rental. (Most insurance cards do not show this.) We do  offer additional insurance at a cost for $25.00 a day. You are responsible for 100% of all liability, damage or loss by you including damage caused by weather, acts of God or terrain conditions. You are responsible for the cost of repair or actual cash value of the vehicle on the day of loss if it not repairable or if we elect not to repair it. You are responsible for the theft of the vehicle, loss of use, diminished value of the vehicle caused by damage to it or repair of it. Damage or replacement costs are determined by manufacturer's List Price at the time of the incident.

Reservations must be canceled 48 hours before your 1st rental day to receive a full refund. Failure to contact us by phone will result in the full charge of the credit/debit card on file. Please note: Voicemails will not be accepted for cancellations, no exceptions. You must have an email confirmation for your cancellation from us. Changes to reservations will not be accepted 48 hours prior to rental. There is a $25.00 processing fee for all cancellations.

Must be 25 years of age and there may be an additional drivers of the Jeeps. However, they must provide separate full coverage auto insurance (unless there is proof that they are covered under the primary driver's insurance), as well as a driver's license. Their name, date of birth, and phone number must also be listed on the rental agreement.

Black Bear Pass, Poughkeepsie Gulch, Phoenix Park, El Wood Pass and Rat Creek Trail  are prohibited in all rentals.

7:30am to 7pm. Pick-up may be available between 7:30- 8:00 pm the night before—check for availability. Please leave comment on your reservation if you would like to do this, we will try to accommodate.

After 7pm a $1.00 a min late check in fee will be applied.  We usually book out 100%, so the next customer will be delayed when our Jeeps are not returned on-time.

Due to the dust and mud normally collected out on the trails, you are required to thoroughly spray the exterior and undercarriage off prior to returning it. A spray off carwash is available in South Fork. Additionally, please remove trash and personal items from Jeep upon return. Fuel tank must be full.

Hard Tops
Hard tops must not be removed at anytime.
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Elk Country Jeep FAQ

Do I Need Insurance?

Yes, you will need to provide proof of full coverage insurance for all drivers. (Comprehensive & Collision)

How old do I need to be?

You must be at least 25 years of age to rent a Jeep. We will need a copy of a valid, current drivers license at the time of rental.

Where can I take the Jeep?

Our area has lots of 4-Wheel Drive roads. The vehicle may be operated only on official maintained roads open to motor vehicle travel as designated by the federal, state or local government, National Forest Service, or Bureau of Land Management. No off-road travel is permitted. The renter agrees to operate the vehicle only in a safe, lawful manner. We have maps in our office. Please obey the laws & help protect our National Forest.

What kind of Jeeps do you have?

We have 4 door Jeep Wranglers which will seat five
*Hard Tops on all models. Tops are not to be removed.
*Automatic Transmission

Do I need to make a reservation?

Reservations are highly recommended. Call us at 719-873-0275 or reserve online.

What is tire insurance and do I need it?

Tire insurance supplements your insurance coverage, protecting you from paying the full price for damage to the Jeep's tires.
No, you do not need tire insurance, but tire damage may occur. We offer tire insurance for $35. The average cost for a new Jeep tire is $350.